Our creative team has worked on software development projects even before their university years, laying the foundation for their practical developer knowledge. What is more, the initial enthusiasm has only grown over the years. Indeed, in recent years we have gained routine in developing prototypes like edge-cloud computing system or live sports data collection system that tracks the players with more than one camera. Our dynamic team uses state-of-the-art solutions and innovative software development processes to always deliver the best product to the customers on time.

Our goal is to develop easy-to-use and user friendly softwares with a 100% utility in order to contribute to a high level of customer experience. We had successful projects in data related services such as data cleansing, data migration, reporting and application support. Also we are experienced software developers with numerous clients mainly from the multinational telco and banking industry, SMEs and public sector.

Strategic Partner:

Customized Software Development

Development and sustainable operation are often hindered by the lack of efficiency, which unnecessarily consumes organizational resources. Our softwares will support you to reach your organizational goals and considerably enhance your effectiveness. In order to tailor our softwares to your needs, it is essential for us to obtain information about the future users, understand your operation and the organizational culture, and identify the objectives and the root causes of problems.

We provide custom software for specific needs:

  • Multilingual website and webshop developments
  • Customized CRM and ERP solutions
  • Video streaming platforms
  • Customer relationship management softwares
  • Critical enterprise level applications

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Data Science

Cloud Native Applications

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