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In many cases the key elements to be successful in business or in solving a problem are already in the data. At Monodon as a data science team, we truly believe that the precise definition of business needs and analytics of the case are half success. 

The enterprises of the 21st century have the privilege of the opportunity to base their solutions on data. While who don't utilize these methods risk their competitiveness. In the process of utilizing the data in the proper way, the collection of the adequate amount and quality data and having a broad knowledge regarding the insights of the data are cardinal steps. Therefore, these require specific competence in data science. 

The Monodon Solutions team consists of dedicated data scientists who specialized to utilize the appropriate data science methods to answer even the most complex questions or to support data-based decision-making. 

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The goal of our team is no less than make the daily tasks of people or their companies more efficient by various innovative solutions like data science, machine learning and picture/video processing. Our team includes developers, analysts and researchers from various fields who come together within the walls of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics during their university years. We have published numerous papers at international prestigious conferences and also won research awards.

Our team includes assistant professors and PhD students whose areas of expertise include data mining, artificial intelligence, computer network building and operation, image analysis, video processing, and cloud virtualization technologies. We believe that together with our customers, we will find the automated solution to make their company operate more efficiently thus guaranteeing their business advantage in the competitive market. 

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